About Us – Starblast Co.

About Us

We are very excited to join the movement of small businesses making a difference in the world by doing things right and setting an example.  At Starblast Co., we don’t forget our values for convenience.  We don’t believe in cutting corners because we are simply just too mission driven.  We will make a product that is good for you, your skin, your body while being good for our planet in parallel. 

Our company’s principles are founded on Carl Sagan’s philosophy that we and everything we see is made in the interiors of collapsing stars (you’re made of stardust!).  We deviate from the practices established by the chemical industry because we believe everything that forms part of your body care routine should be provided by nature itself (reincarnated stars if you will) and not behind the closed doors of a lab.  The chemicals and preservatives found in modern day cosmetics will not make their way in our products. The cosmos decides one year is plenty shelf life for a body butter, and we are completely ok with that!


Besides our holistic health, our number one cause is the environment.  One of the biggest drivers of Starblast Co. zero waste.  We’re big believers in a circular economy and that is why we make sure to compost everything we can during the manufacturing process and use glass whenever possible.  We limit the use of plastics to the absolute minimum while delivering a quality product (those soaps gotta be made with nitrile gloves!).   All our products are shipped in 100% post-consumer content shipping materials. 

We’re also 100% vegan & cruelty-free!  Our products are not tested on animals because that is simply unnecessary.  All our ingredients are safe to use as provided by nature and we back this up with the golden scientific data we dug up after much time researching.  Seriously, we know it down to the very chemical composition level! (head to our ingredients page!).