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Inspired by the sun, our star that shines its light on all the colors of life, from bright to melancholic.


Did you know that pumpkin is packed with fruit enzymes that increase cell regeneration?  This not only helps brighten and smooth your skin but also boosts your collagen to slow down the visible damage from aging.  This soap is made with organic pumpkin puree and a spicy cinnamon blend to restore vitality to your day.  A creamy and stimulating cleanser, the perfect skin treat.  Highly recommended for dry or mature skin.  Made 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free, without any palm-oil, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, or petrochemicals.


    1. Organic pumpkin puree – contains alpha hydroxy acids that brighten and boosts collagen to preserve youthful skin
    2. Shea butter – Protects your acid mantle by locking in moisture
    3. Avocado oil – Rich in vitamins A, D, E to protect skin from free-radical damage
    4. Cinnamon leaf – Musky & spicy oil that stimulates blood circulation and ease muscular aches, reduce drowsiness
    1. Instructions: To use for face: Splash some lukewarm water on your face and rub the bar on your hands to get some lather going. Apply it directly on your skin and start gently massaging/cleansing. Rinse with warm water. Use externally only. Pat dry your face, you’re now ready for toning love. To use for body: in the shower or bath simply lather up the bar on your body and rinse as normal, use externally only.
    2. Tip: Make your bar last longer by leaving it on a draining dish.
    1. Ingredients: Coconut oil, avocado oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, shea butter, organic pumpkin puree, avocado oil, essential oil blend.
    2. Other Info: When in constant use this bar should last you 6-8 weeks! Weighs 5 oz and is 3.5’’ wide x 2.5’’ tall x 1’’ thick


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