Equinox Facial Oil

Starblast Co.

Inspired by the equinox, when the day and night are equal in length.

Meet Equinox, the oil blend that will unclog your pores and restore balance to your skin.  Even though we formulated this powerful oil for facial use, you can actually use it on your body to spot treat breakouts. This oil will do three things: it will moisturize without leaving a oily residue (especially for those dry AND acne-prone), it will calm the inflamed skin around blemishes, and will help prevent future breakouts. 

“What I like most about this oil is the fact that it is very nourishing but really doesn’t leave me feeling greasy at all.  It also does really help keep my skin clear.” -Sam


    1. Sacha Inchi – The botanical holy grail for acne and oil clogged pores. Sacha inchi competes with grapeseed on being the highest source linoleic fatty acid, which will exfoliate your pores and restore oil balance on your skin.
    2. Rosehip – Brimming with Vitamin C and antioxidants that promotes brighter, youthful skin, aids in preserving even tonalities, and diminishes photoaging
    3. Prickly Pear – One of the most luxurious oils in the world, prickly pear oil contains high levels of vitamin K and zinc that aid in healing dark spots and scars from blemishes
    4. Neem– The wonder oil that will rid you of breakouts, a fortuitous antiseptic, antibacterial used to alleviate acne and promote healing acne scars
    5. Tea tree– natural antibacterial and antifungal that will reduce breakout inducing bacteria
    1. Instructions: To use on face: After cleansing and toning skin, use dropper to apply 3 drops (recommended amount) of oil on your face, one drop on forehead and one drop on each cheek. Start massaging into skin. Apply more as needed. You may use it in your morning routine as well as night. If you use makeup, allow 10-15 minutes for oil to completely absorb before applying primer. To use on body: after showering, apply 1-2 drops on each area you’d like to spot treat. You can use it for your shoulders, back or any external area that has breakouts. Use externally only.
    2. Lifespan: when used daily the oil should last you 8-10 months.
    3. Storage Tip: make your oil last longer by keeping it in a cool dark place and avoid exposure to heat. Heat and excessive oxygen exposure will oxidize the oils which deteriorates the strength of the ingredients.
    1. Ingredients: Sacha inchi oil, jojoba oil, safflower oil, rosehip oil, prickly pear oil, neem oil, raspberry seed, essential oil blend of blue chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang, and tea tree.
    2. Other Info: Shelf life is 1 year, Contents: 1 oz.

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