Meet the Maker

Meet the founder, Viviana Tacussis an aerospace engineer with a passion for zero waste & nontoxic beauty

Viviana Tacussis has her Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering and an invigorating passion for the environment.  Shortly after graduating, she learned about the many toxic petrochemicals in beauty products and how much those products contribute to the plastic crisis in today’s world.  She founded Starblast Co. with the mindset that individual consumers and businesses can make a huge positive impact on the global biome by creating a smarter supply and demand sphere based on cradle to cradle principles.    The Starblast Co. theme is reminiscent of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, which narrates that everything we see, down to our bones, was “made in the interior of collapsing stars”.  With a love for deeper philosophical meaning, Viviana made her company to portray the marriage of cosmic concepts to zero waste & nontoxic beauty. 

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